DCIM in one of the safest data centers in Switzerland


Deep in the Swiss mountains, in a former military bunker, the provider of modular and scalable data center services Deltalis has its business. The offer ranges from pure hosting services to fully managed services – with a high level of security.

Apart from the physical security provided by the mountains, the geographical location eliminates risks that occur in an urban environment. These include vibrations, congested power grids and construction work. As the location is only 60 minutes away from Zurich, the company is nevertheless connected to one of the most prosperous commercial centers in Europe – the ideal basis for business at home and abroad.

The services offered by Deltalis include both Rack Space in open co-location areas and separate, dedicated areas with areas of several hundred square meters. The data center is located in the middle of one of the most important regions for power generation with hydropower in Switzerland and benefits from a 100 percent local, stable green electricity supply.

In addition to co-location, the company also offers its customers out-of-band access as-a-service – for those who depend on minimal response times to problems within their infrastructure. Frank Harzheim, CEO of the company, explains: “When we founded the company, we pursued three main goals. First, we wanted to provide absolute physical and digital security that our customers can fully rely on. “Switzerland was ranked third in the rankings of countries in terms of data center operations risk.

“We also wanted to build a data center trusted by the Swiss market, one of the world’s most demanding,” continues Harzheim. “And finally, we wanted to provide customized services that create a customer experience unmatched in the marketplace.”

One of the safest data centers in the world

With the construction of the Deltalis data center in the former military bunker (see picture gallery below), Frank Harzheim and his team managed to build one of the safest data centers.

In addition, the company is committed to sustainability. Therefore, it preferred to take over an existing facility instead of building a completely new one.

As a Swiss-based company, Deltalis is subject to the strict Swiss Federal Data Protection Act . Deltalis serves a wide range of international clients. This includes many small and medium-sized businesses that rely heavily on secure hosting and management of their data.

In addition to the typical use cases, many customers use the facility as a backup site for disaster recovery. Others are themselves providers of cloud services and commit to their own customers for security. In addition to various other factors, ISO 27001 certification in particular ensures that Deltalis lives up to this trust.

DCIM and ISO 27001 certification

Vertiv was the partner of choice right from the start. The reason for this was the company’s extensive experience in power supply and heat management, which is fundamental to Deltalis as well as to any other provider of mission-critical services. However, Vertiv also made strategic contributions to improving the infrastructure for monitoring and managing the facility.

To meet, and even exceed, all requirements in ISO 27001, Vertiv’s “Trellis” DCIM platform has been implemented for data center infrastructure management, with significant improvements in visibility, control, and planning. With real-time infrastructure optimization and modular and adaptive design, the platform provides key insights into critical data center infrastructure systems.

Harzheim comments: “Every decision maker who has passed the ISO 27001 certification process knows about the highly demanding requirements of this standard. It leaves no room for ambiguity or error and calls for a systematic approach to dealing with sensitive corporate data. ”

Deltalis has had to go through a number of risk management processes to ensure the continued security of the data. These measures would have affected both our employees and our work processes and IT systems. “Despite these challenges, we can now offer our customers significant benefits such as continued business continuity, better risk management, regulatory compliance and the elimination of key security threats,” Harzheim notes.

Consideration of the peculiarities

However, the physical limitations of the existing infrastructure had to be overcome by means of intelligent technology. “In our case, we could not just build a brand new data center on an empty lot. Instead, we had to turn an existing building, originally destined for something else, into a highly optimized and efficient data center, “the Deltalis CEO explains.

“We also needed a complete overview and full control over the performance and other aspects of our data center that are critical to delivering our services. For this reason, a DCIM solution is at the center of our operational activities, “says Harzheim.

The company realized early on that by investing in a large DCIM solution, it could more effectively meet its service level agreements (SLAs) with its customers, while preserving its own business agility. Now the boss is satisfied: “Vertiv has a convincing solution with the Trellis platform. The combination of hardware and software and the ability to merge alerts from heterogeneous systems were among the key factors for us. The platform is outstanding when it comes to bringing different languages and protocol systems together in one central interface. In addition, the team that supported us was made up of experts we could trust and whose work completely convinced us. ”

Important decisions

Employees should be able to make informed decisions, especially with regard to capacity management. “As the operator of a data center, we are assuming a 100 percent utilization in theory. In fact, it is difficult to even approach this value. The more we use our space, the more we have to consider the effects on the cooling system and other operational factors, “says Harzheim.

With Trellis you can now make a much more efficient decision process possible. The platform allows for efficient capacity planning to meet the availability of 99.999 percent guaranteed in the SLAs with their customers.

In addition, most of the operating costs are in the power supply. “DCIM helps us to optimize this important operational factor. With this combined insight, we can maximize the value of our huge investments as well as existing equipment. “The data center state can be reviewed in real time at any time by examining power consumption or critical system performance, or critical resources such as alerts.

New service for the clientele

As a side effect, Deltalis now has another important unique selling proposition. Harzheim: “Now we can offer customers our ‘Virtual View Service’: transparent reports and DCIM features to help them improve their own infrastructure.

“Combined with our ‘Vertical Reach Service’ based on Vertiv’s secure remote management, we provide the availability and visibility our customers need. This is especially important for our international customers, who are not regularly on site. This allows them to remotely manage their IT infrastructure and make efficient strategic decisions. ”

In doing so, Deltalis is already using it in the pre-sales stage of a project. “We can give our clients in-depth advice and help them better determine the space they need, visualize floor plans in a 3D model, and give them a complete picture of their planned project.” Harzheim concludes: “In this way, we offer real added value goes beyond the pure footprint. “

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